Design your own mail form and process customer inquiries efficiently using web based help desk software.
Smart Answer - Instant Web-Based Help Desk Solution

Web form submission is only the beginning... Presenting the software what cares for the full story. From question to answer. From problem to solution. Smart Answer™.

Design your own mail form

Add up to 10 form fields. Each field may be defined as text, drop down menu or checkbox. Assign attributes (required, hidden, read-only) and default values. Copy and paste html code to your site and that's it: now you can process your customer inquiries in a professional way.

No programming knowledge, no software downloads required. Our server will handle it all - validation of submitted data, file uploads, issuing of unique service ticket number and email alerts.

The "thank you for your interest" message is not enough nowadays. Your customer will be assured that you have a procedure and his/her inquire did not go into a black hole. Easy to follow instructions regarding submission of follow-up messages and monitoring ticket progress will be produced immediately.

See the mail form in action on our demo site.

Process customer inquiries efficiently

Multiple operators can access the system 24/7 from anywhere in the world. No lost or forgotten service requests. Only one operator will be assigned, no guessing who is responsible.

Customizable interface allows you to choose what information you want to see while browsing tickets and customer accounts. Advanced filtering and search features provide easy navigation.

Integrated customer database allows easy tracking of customer details like contact info or service options.

Bulletin board style communications

Yes! It is like having your own bulletin board system, where each customer is given a private forum and each new inquiry starts new thread. All the major features of online bulleting board are fully supported:

  • simple markup language to control font appearance and to insert web links and images
  • file attachments
  • saving message drafts
  • message previews
  • email notifications

    In addition, an operator may post hidden messages to facilitate ticket notes and annotations, transfer ticket to another operator and edit values of custom fields.

    To learn more about Smart Answer please use our Demo system or Setup your own HelpDesk and test it live. No credit card required. No obligation to purchase.

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